Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot: The Polish Phenom Rising in the UFC Lightweight Division

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In the electrifying world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a rising star from Poland has captivated audiences with his exceptional skills and thrilling performances. Mateusz Gamrot, a former KSW Featherweight and Lightweight Champion, is making waves in the UFC’s lightweight division. Known for his impressive wrestling, grappling, and striking abilities, Gamrot quickly emerges as a serious contender in one of mixed martial arts’s most competitive weight classes.

Early Life and Career

Mateusz Gamrot’s journey to the UFC began in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, where he was born on December 11, 1990. His love for combat sports ignited at a young age, as he delved into wrestling at just ten years old. This early introduction to the sport laid the foundation for his remarkable career.

Gamrot’s rise in the MMA world was meteoric. In 2012, he embarked on his professional MMA journey, and his success was immediate. His wrestling background was invaluable as he ascended through the ranks. By 2017, he had secured the KSW Featherweight Championship, and in 2019, he added the KSW Lightweight Championship to his growing list of accolades.

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UFC Career

The MMA world anxiously awaited Gamrot’s transition to the UFC. In April 2021, he made his much-anticipated debut against Scott Holtzman, which he won impressively with a second-round knockout. Gamrot has since continued to impress, accumulating four more victories in the Octagon. His notable wins include triumphs over Arman Tsarukyan, Jeremy Stephens, and Rafael Fiziev.

At the time of writing, Gamrot stands at #6 in the UFC lightweight rankings and appears poised to challenge for the lightweight title in the not-so-distant future.

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Fighting Style

Mateusz Gamrot’s fighting style is characterized by its diversity and adaptability. A black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a freestyle wrestling champion, Gamrot is a formidable presence on the ground. He uses his wrestling expertise to control his opponents and secure submissions.

Moreover, Gamrot is a formidable striker with a potent right hand. His striking game is a testament to his versatility, as he can finish fights while standing. This versatility has made him a formidable force in the lightweight division.

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Future Outlook

The future looks exceedingly bright for Mateusz Gamrot. His remarkable rise in the UFC lightweight division has been a spectacle. His multifaceted skills, including his grappling and striking, make him a well-rounded fighter capable of challenging the division’s elite.

While it’s impossible to predict the exact trajectory of his career, Gamrot is undeniably a contender for the lightweight title. However, the road to the championship is fraught with challenges from other talented fighters in the division, making the journey all the more exhilarating for fans.


Mateusz Gamrot has emerged as a shining star in the UFC’s lightweight division. His well-rounded skills, unwavering determination, and remarkable achievements are drawing global attention. As he continues his ascent in the MMA world, fight enthusiasts eagerly await each other, wondering if this Polish phenom will claim the ultimate prize, the UFC lightweight championship. Gamrot’s journey is a testament to the relentless spirit of fighters in the Octagon, and it’s a thrilling story that’s far from over.

Mateusz Gamrot FAQs

Q: How old is Mateusz Gamrot?

A: Mateusz Gamrot is 32 years old as of 2023.

Q: What is Mateusz Gamrot’s record?

A: Mateusz Gamrot’s MMA record is 23 wins, 2 losses, and 1 no-contest.

Q: Who is Mateusz Gamrot’s next opponent?

A: At the time of writing, Mateusz Gamrot’s next opponent has not been officially announced.

Q: Is Mateusz Gamrot the future lightweight champion?

A: Mateusz Gamrot is undoubtedly a strong contender in the lightweight division. His skill set, versatility, and winning streak make him a legitimate threat to vie for the championship. However, the lightweight division is packed with formidable fighters, and predicting the future champion is challenging. UFC fans will have to stay tuned to see how his journey unfolds.

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