NBA Fashion Trivia

A Comprehensive Compilation of NBA 2K23 Fashion Trivia Solutions

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NBA Fashion Trivia: In the realm of NBA 2K23, as players delve into the story mode, they’ll find themselves crossing paths with two influential figures, Yolanda and Sabine. These encounters led to a unique challenge within the game – conquering the fashion district by successfully responding to a series of fashion-related trivia questions.

Here, we present all the pertinent NBA 2K23 fashion trivia questions and their corresponding answers.

When you embark on your NBA 2K23 journey, you’ll encounter various types of side quests, including the intriguing Fashion Trivia. Each of these quests offers distinct rewards, some of which may not be exceptionally valuable, yet completing them remains a worthwhile endeavor. Furthermore, these challenges inject an element of entertainment into the gameplay and even put your knowledge of the NBA and professional basketball to the test. It’s important to note, however, that these challenges can prove to be quite formidable if you’re not well-versed in the current happenings within the world of the sport.

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NBA 2k23 All Fashion Trivia Answers

While you could certainly flex your mental muscles attempting to deduce the answers, the gaming community has generously shared their insights, making it possible for you to breeze through this article. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to effortlessly tackle all ten sets of questions that make up this quest. While having access to the answers may diminish the suspense, it guarantees swift completion of the NBA 2K23 quest, allowing you to progress through the game without unnecessary delays.

What are the NBA 2K23 Fashion Trivia solutions?

To embark on this quest, you’ll need to initiate an interaction with Yolanda and Sabine, the curators of this intriguing challenge. They will take the reins and commence the questioning. By furnishing accurate responses, you’ll seamlessly advance to the subsequent set of queries.

NBA Fashion Trivia 1

1. Who makes the Birkin bag?

Answer: Hermes

2. Which shoe company was the first to introduce a microchip into its sneakers?

Answer: Adidas

3. What did the Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?

Answer: Motion

NBA Fashion Trivia 2

Which streetwear company is known for its logo that looks like two U’s, with one being upside down?
Answer 1: Under Armor.

Who was the very first NBA player with his own signature shoe?
Answer 2: Bob Cousy.

Which economist coined the phrase “conspicuous consumption” back in 1899?
Answer 3: Thorstein Veblen.

NBA Fashion Trivia 3

Which resale marketplace was founded by a whole bunch of people including Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert?
Answer 1: StockX.

What was the original color of the Yeezy 350s?
Answer 2: Turtle Dove.

Which brand created a totally cute and iconic backpack for Swedish schoolkids back in 1970??
Answer 3: Fjallraven Kanken.

NBA Fashion Trivia 4

Which company produces Air Jordans?
Answer 1: Nikes.

What luxury brand that everyone knows now, but back in the day was originally known for making trunks for traveling?
Answer 2: Louis Vuitton.

Who designed the Peter Saville Parka, not the one Sabine got in Chinatown for thirty-five dollars, the real one?
Answer 3: Raf Simons.

NBA Fashion Trivia 5

Which label’s iconic logo is like the little heart with eyes on it?
Answer 1: Comme des Garcons PLAY

The shoe museum with the largest collection of footwear is the Bata and it’s in what city?
Answer 2: Toronto.

When Heron Preston did his project UNIFORM, who did he collaborate with?
Answer 3: The NYC Department of Sanitation.

NBA Fashion Trivia 6

What was the name of the former basketball player that Converse hired to help design their most iconic sneaker almost 100 years ago?
Answer 1: Chuck Taylor.

Which Japanese streetwear brand was founded in 1993?
Answer 2: BAPE.

What’s the name of the streetwear line founded by the brothers Edwin and Salmee, whose last name was Faeh?
Answer 3: Carhartt WIP.

NBA Fashion Trivia 7

Which iconic streetwear logo was based on the way the founder would sign his handcrafted surfboards?
Answer 1: Stussy.

Which brand was founded by Jerry Lorenzo?

Answer 2: Fear of God.

What was the inspiration for the Air Jordan X according to Tinker Hatfield?
Answer 3: Lawnmower.

NBA Fashion Trivia 8

With Nike kicks, yeah? The originals used a household appliance to make the soles. Name it.
Answer 1: Waffle Iron.

Which two shoe companies were created out of an argument between two brothers?
Answer 2: Adidas & Puma.

What’s the name of Brendon Babenzain’s brand?
Answer 3: Noah.

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