Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa: The UFC’s “Borrachinha”

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Paulo Costa, known as “Borrachinha,” is a Brazilian mixed martial artist competing in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Costa has carved his name in the MMA world with a reputation for his aggressive fighting style, powerful striking, and unmatched physical conditioning. This article will explore his early life, UFC career, fighting style, strengths and weaknesses, and more.

Paulo Costa Early Life and Career

Paulo Costa was born on April 21, 1991, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He began his journey into mixed martial arts at 17, showcasing his passion for the sport early on. His professional MMA debut in 2012 set the stage for an impressive career, as he won his first eight fights consecutively, all by knockout or submission. This winning streak demonstrated his prowess and dedication to the sport.

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Paulo Costa UFC Career

Costa’s UFC journey commenced in 2017 when he signed with the promotion. His debut on October 21, 2017, at UFC Fight Night 118 saw him victorious over Oluwale Bamgbose via unanimous decision. He continued to impress by securing knockout wins in his next four UFC fights, making a name for himself as a fearsome striker.

In 2020, Costa’s career reached new heights as he challenged Israel Adesanya for the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 253. Although he suffered a unanimous decision loss, this fight showcased his resilience and determination in facing one of the sport’s best.

After a brief hiatus, Costa returned to the Octagon in October 2021 at UFC Fight Night 196, facing Marvin Vettori. The fight ended in another unanimous decision loss for Costa, but his fan-favorite status remained intact.

Costa is gearing up for a highly-anticipated bout against Khamzat Chimaev scheduled for UFC 294 on October 22, 2023, offering fans another thrilling showdown.

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Paulo Costa Fighting Style

Paulo Costa’s fighting style is a force to be reckoned with. He is renowned for his aggressive approach, impeccable striking, and extraordinary physical conditioning. As a pressure fighter, he excels at overwhelming opponents with a barrage of strikes. While he possesses strong wrestling skills, Costa prefers to engage in stand-up battles, where he can unleash his powerful punches and kicks.

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Paulo Costa Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Power: Costa’s striking power is among the best in the division. His punches and kicks can end a fight in an instant.
  2. Conditioning: His relentless pressure fighting is supported by exceptional conditioning, enabling him to maintain a high tempo throughout the about.
  3. Chin: Costa’s ability to absorb punishment and keep moving forward, earning the “Borrachinha” nickname, is a remarkable asset.
  4. Pressure fighting: He applies constant pressure to force his opponents into uncomfortable positions.


  1. Tendency to get caught in grappling exchanges: While a strong striker, Costa has occasionally found himself in difficult positions in grappling situations, making it an area where he’s vulnerable.
  2. Lack of head movement: Costa’s head movement can be predictable, making him susceptible to counterattacks.
  3. Gas tank: In some fights, he has tended to tire as the fight progresses, potentially affecting his performance in later rounds.


With his aggressive fighting style, remarkable striking, and exceptional physical prowess, Paulo Costa remains one of the most captivating figures in the UFC’s Middleweight division. As the 6th-ranked fighter in the division, he continues to chase his dream of capturing the UFC Middleweight Championship. The upcoming bout against Khamzat Chimaev promises another thrilling showcase of Costa’s abilities and determination.

Paulo Costa FAQs

Q: When is Paulo Costa’s next fight?

A: Paulo Costa is scheduled to face Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 294 on October 22, 2023.

Q: What is Paulo Costa’s nickname?

A: Paulo Costa is nicknamed “Borrachinha,” which means “rubber” in Portuguese, symbolizing his ability to absorb strikes and keep pushing forward.

Q: What is Paulo Costa’s record?

A: Paulo Costa has a professional MMA record of 14 wins and 2 losses.

Q: Who has Paulo Costa defeated?

A: Paulo Costa has defeated notable opponents, including Johny Hendricks, Uriah Hall, and Yoel Romero.

Q: Who has Paulo Costa lost to?

A: Paulo Costa has suffered losses to Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori.

Q: Is Paulo Costa a good fighter?

A: Paulo Costa is considered a highly skilled fighter, ranking 6th in the UFC Middleweight division. His aggressive fighting style and striking prowess make him a formidable opponent.

Q: Can Paulo Costa beat Khamzat Chimaev?

A: While Paulo Costa can defeat Khamzat Chimaev, the outcome of any MMA fight is uncertain. Costa’s striking power and experience give him a strong chance, but Chimaev’s wrestling and versatility make him a tough opponent. It will be an exciting matchup to watch.

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