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Where to Watch John Wick 4 | John Wick 4 Stream

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In a cinematic journey that has taken us through three heart-pounding chapters, we’ve witnessed the havoc that unfolds when the world’s deadliest hitman emerges from his retirement sanctuary. Enter John Wick, also known as the Baba Yaga or The Boogeyman, a figure that sends shivers down spines across the criminal underworld.

Despite the trail of destruction he leaves, wrongdoers never seem to grasp the lesson. The epic saga began with John (Keanu Reeves), a man seeking vengeance for a stolen car, a violated home, and the heart-wrenching loss of his four-legged companion, Daisy. The narrative spirals into an intricate dance of danger and suspense, thwarting John’s attempts to withdraw as he traverses the globe, forever hunted.

Now, brace yourself for the reckoning like no other in John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023). Our titular hitman faces his ultimate challenge yet—taking on the High Table. This council of feared crime lords governs the criminal underworld’s most formidable organizations.

Where to Watch John Wick: Chapter 4

The journey ahead is daunting, with revenge against the High Table being nothing short of a Herculean feat. The excitement surrounding this much-anticipated installment knows no bounds, especially considering its staggering runtime of 169 minutes. And guess what?

The wait is almost over! Find out when and where you can catch the action-packed spectacle that is John Wick: Chapter 4. Editor’s Note: Information accurate as of June 24.

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John Wick: Chapter 4

John WickChapter 4 (Action)
DirectorChad Stahelski
Release Date2023-03-24
CastKeanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard, Laurence Fishburne, Hiroyuki Sanada, Lance Reddick
Runtime169 minutes

How Many John Wick Movies are There?

Chapter 1: John Wick (2014)
Chapter 2: John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)
Chapter 3: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

When Will John Wick: Chapter 4 Arrive on VOD/DVD?

John Wick: Chapter 4 is now yours to own on demand. Take your pick of platforms and dive back into the thrilling world of John Wick.

The film is available on the platform of your choice.

When Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Streaming Online?

Streaming release dates hold an air of unpredictability. John Wick: Chapter 4 will eventually grace the screens of Starz, the property of Lionsgate. Additionally, the film will find its way to Peacock through a strategic partnership between Universal and Lionsgate. The precise streaming timeline, however, remains an enigma.

When Will John Wick: Chapter 4 Be on Blu-ray and DVD?

The pulse-pounding blockbuster is slated to join your home collection this June. Mark your calendars for June 3, 2023, when the Blu-ray combo pack, 4K Ultra HD combo pack, DVD, and on-demand versions make their debut. Pre-order options abound, with Amazon presenting a Premium X-Ray edition laden with bonus content—from photo galleries to videos, trivia, and beyond. Fandango offers an exclusive sneak peek of the tantalizing extras, a mere glimpse of what awaits.

Is John Wick: Chapter 4 Still in Movie Theaters?

Emerging exclusively on the big screen on March 24, 2023, John Wick: Chapter 4 defied expectations by gracing theaters almost two years after its originally intended release date. Alas, the time for theatrical indulgence has passed, and the cinematic thrill has left the theaters.

Watch the John Wick: Chapter 4 Trailer

Reflecting its extensive runtime, the trailer for John Wick: Chapter 4 hints at an expansive, explosive chapter in the saga. This installment promises a one-on-one showdown as John locks horns with High Table member, The Marquis de Gramont, portrayed by Bill Skarsgård. Yet, a whirlwind of battles precedes this duel, whether set against Parisian backdrops or the desert’s unforgiving expanse.

Beyond the relentless action, this installment plunges into John’s emotional odyssey. Memories of his past, his wife Helen (Bridget Moynahan), and contemplations on mortality swirl. Having defied death repeatedly, could this mission against the High Table mark John’s final stand? Only time holds the answer.

And don’t miss out—a second trailer ups the ante, delivering a leaner, meaner dose of action, with John’s clash against The Marquis de Gramont as the crowning jewel.

Where to Watch the Previous John Wick Movies?

With the fourth installment looming, now is the perfect moment to rewind and relive John’s saga. From the inception of his journey to its impending crescendo, the John Wick franchise has consistently delivered heart-pounding action and captivating drama. For both seasoned fans and newcomers, the original John Wick (2014), John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) await, available for rent or purchase on Amazon.

John Wick 4 Showtimes?

Get ready for action-packed showtimes that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

More Movies Like the John Wick Series That You Can Watch Now

The John Wick series masterfully merges electrifying action with deep-rooted drama, resulting in cinematic alchemy. Balancing these elements is a challenging feat, but when done right, it yields captivating tales. If the blend of heart-pounding action and emotional depth resonates, check out these recommendations:

Nobody (2021): Bob Odenkirk’s Hutch Mansell finds his ordinary life upended when a robbery exposes his dark past. As a former government assassin, he must defend his family against a dangerous crime lord.

Extraction (2020): Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake, a black ops mercenary, navigates perilous terrain in a rescue mission. Despite betrayal and impending capture, his mission is clear: save a crime lord’s son.

The Gray Man (2022): Ryan Gosling’s CIA agent Court Gentry becomes embroiled in a government conspiracy. Pursued by Chris Evans’ deranged mercenary, a deadly cat-and-mouse game unfolds. Stream The Gray Man exclusively on Netflix. The world of action cinema expands, and the legacy of John Wick blazes onward, a trail of adrenaline and emotion carved into the annals of film history.

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