Miss America 2024

This Pilot Took Charge and Landed the Crown!

Pilot Takes Flight: Air Force Officer Crowned Miss America! 

Meet Madison Marsh, the first active-duty Air Force officer to win Miss America.  

Harvard to Hollywood: Master's Student Shines on Miss America Stage 

Not just Miss America, Madison's also a master's student at Harvard!

More Than a Crown: Empowered Women, Empowering Others 

Madison's message: "Anyone can achieve anything!" Her journey from small town to Miss America stage challenges 

Firsts at the Finish Line: Historic Win for the Air Force 

Make way for Captain America! Madison's Miss America win is a first for the Air Force, paving the way for future generations 

Speaking Out, Speaking Up: Powerful Voice on Pancreatic Cancer 

Using her platform for good, Madison opened up about her mother's battle with pancreatic cancer, raising awareness 

Talented Takeover: From Piloting Planes to Poetry in Motion 

This Miss America is a multi-talented wonder! Madison captivated the audience with her spoken word piece 

Fit and Fierce: From Fitness Runways to Leading the Way 

Strong body, stronger mind! Madison crushed the fitness runway, proving that Miss America is about more than just pretty faces. 

Hot Topics, Cooler Heads: Discussing Drugs in America with Poise 

Tackling tough issues, Madison used the "hot topics" round to discuss drugs in America, showcasing her intelligence 

Gown Goals: Elegance Takes Center Stage 

Dazzling in an evening gown, Madison owned the stage with her grace and presence, proving that beauty and brains 

Reach for the Stars: Miss America Inspires a New Generation 

More than just a crown, Madison's win is a beacon of hope. She's inspiring young women everywhere to dream big