Galaxy S24 Leaks:  Everything we know so far about the new Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy S24: Leaks reveal better camera, more AI

Samsung's upcoming flagship phone is shaping up to be a powerhouse. Here's what we know so far about the Galaxy S24's camera, AI features, and more.

Galaxy S24 camera: Zoom downgrade or upgrade?

Samsung is reportedly ditching the 10x zoom lens on the S23 Ultra for a higher-resolution 5x lens.

Samsung S24: Zoom to the Moon (Literally!)

Leaked camera upgrade! New Galaxy phone takes stunning close-ups despite "downgrade." Unpacked on Jan 17!

Galaxy S24 AI: Translating phone calls and more

Samsung's Galaxy AI will bring new AI-powered features to the S24, including real-time audio and text translation.

Galaxy S24 Unpacked event: January 17

Mark your calendars! The Galaxy S24 will be officially unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event on January 17.

AI Invasion: Samsung Phones Get Smarter

Say hello to Galaxy AI! Translate real-time calls, and who knows what else? Samsung's future is smart.

Samsung S24: Brighter, Faster, Bolder?

New Galaxy leaks are out! Bigger screens, 200MP camera, titanium design? All eyes on Jan 17!