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Wednesday: Who is The Monster in Wednesday, Explained

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Who is The Monster in Wednesday? In the Netflix series “Wednesday,” a new character known as The Hyde monster takes center stage in season 1, and it’s worth exploring who this character is and their significance to the story.

The show primarily revolves around the character played by Jenna Ortega, who portrays a witty and dark protagonist. However, The Hyde monster’s introduction marks a pivotal moment in the season’s central mystery. As Wednesday adjusts to life at Nevermore Academy, she becomes captivated by a monster terrorizing the school’s surrounding woods, feeling compelled to solve this enigmatic case.

While fans may have strong feelings about Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega brings a fresh take to the character, blending dark and light-hearted elements seamlessly. The addition of The Hyde monster introduces a new dimension to the series, prompting curiosity about who this character is and why their reveal is so thrilling.

Who exactly is The Hyde monster in “Wednesday”?

In the seventh episode of season 1, titled “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now,” viewers learn that Tyler Galpin, portrayed by Hunter Doohan, is The Hyde monster. Tyler’s character is intriguing, as he shows a unique understanding of Wednesday and takes a keen interest in her. This revelation is both shocking and fun, contributing to the rapid popularity of the Netflix series.

Tyler’s connection to Nevermore Academy runs deep, as his mother was also a student there and belonged to the Hyde family. It suggests that Tyler might not have had a choice in becoming The Hyde, implying that his transformation into a monster was predetermined by his family’s dark history.

“Wednesday” diverges from previous “Addams Family” movies by introducing this menacing character. The presence of The Hyde serves two crucial purposes: it gives Jenna Ortega’s character a meaningful mission and adds complexity to her growing relationship with Tyler. While Wednesday may not necessarily need a love interest, the chemistry between these two characters adds a fresh and intriguing dimension to the series.

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How Does Wednesday Discover That Tyler Is The Hyde?

Wednesday realizes Tyler’s true identity during a kiss when she sees him transform into the monster. Uncle Fester, played by Fred Armisen, provides crucial information about The Hyde, explaining that a human can become a monster through drugs or hypnotism. What’s most unsettling is that Tyler can willingly transform into The Hyde whenever he chooses.

From the beginning of season 1, it’s evident that Wednesday is determined to uncover the mystery of the monster. While it was somewhat expected that she would succeed, the revelation of Tyler as The Hyde was still unexpected, given his seemingly good nature and genuine concern for Wednesday.

This discovery shakes Wednesday to her core, revealing her inherent goodness despite her dark nature and emerging powers.

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Whether The Hyde will make a return in season 2 of “Wednesday.”

In a 2022 interview with Variety, co-showrunner Alfred Gough confirmed that The Hyde, or Tyler, will indeed return. Gough stated, “Yeah. Absolutely. He’s out there. That’s what we wanted to convey.”

The character of Tyler/The Hyde became integral to season 1, and it appears that their story will continue to evolve. Co-showrunner Miles Millar added that they aim to keep the story open and organic, allowing characters and plots to evolve naturally.

While it remains to be seen how Tyler’s return will play out, it’s safe to assume that Wednesday may not welcome him with open arms in season 2. Their interactions at Weathervane could be intense, with Tyler attempting to explain his actions. Despite the intriguing dance scene in season 1, Tyler’s presence as The Hyde adds significant complexity to the story, making season 2 eagerly anticipated for fans of the series.

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